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Update Available Popup Launches When Working Offline!

Making moves

The fact that Firefox now pops up a dialog box each time I launch a fresh window informing me that an update is available, when I have in fact been offline for days is frustrating. First off, it doesn’t know for a fact that an update is available and on one occasion when I went online…there wasn’t one, so it shouldn’t be popping up, and secondly, there is nowhere in settings that allows me to either disable the popup or the set to manually check for updates without a fanfare!

Quite often I use Firefox offline more than I do online, and clearly there is an assumption that everyone is always online. Yes reminders can be helpful, but information should only be put forward when in fact there is something definite to offer, not because it was programmed according to a timer and certainly not multiple times a day shortly after a fresh browser is launched, which quickly becomes distracting, frustrating and a waste of time, and there is already more than enough of that in the world these days.




Firefox release notes

From Firefox 63

The option to Never check for updates was removed from about:preferences. You can use the DisableAppUpdate enterprise policy as a substitute


Illustration Option 1: Disable Updates using Enterprise Policy JSON

Another illustration
With the help of Enterprise Policy Generator
Prevent Firefox from updating
Generate policies

  "policies": {
    "DisableAppUpdate": true

Making moves

Ditto to all who are complaining about Mozilla "update" popups.  Like a bad penny, it never seems to go away!

It makes one wary ofd downloading any new versions of Firefox.