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Update AVAILABLE on every tab, every time you open browser every day without end ... needs to STOP

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Maybe the FIRST time you open the browser ... ok

New Update every Day ... really? Who needs or wants it?

It's like a BUG ... you can't kill


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I'm having the same issues on my desktop. Twice today I open my browser and there's Firefox blasting away 75% on memory when I check task manager. Chrome sucks but I'm leaning going back.

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Can you explain more about what you mean? Are you speaking about the prompt that Firefox will show an arrow for you to update? I would always recommend you make sure Firefox is update, to have the most secure browser available.

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What they are saying is that after updating the update prompt later returns and remains a constant annoyance.

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@reguserI gotcha, are there steps to reproduce that you know of? I haven't encountered this.

Familiar face

Sounds like the update process fails ... and you are caught in a re-try loop.

Each update the version number is different.

Maybe it "jumps" between versions?

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@reguserCorrect as it should be, so it is updating successfully for you, but still showing the update button?, As @igorlogius stated, seems it might be an update loop, I would need some STRs to see how this would happen