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Firefox is dying

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Mozilla, why do you do what is not wanted and not do what is wanted?

Why do you ignore community ideas and discussions?

For what and for whom are you developing the browser?


Making moves

I don't know why they set up a new kind of feedback-submission website for the community to engage and simply ignore all the stuff users put in there with time and effort and ditch it and start from scratch with a new "ideas" website...

What happened to all the stuff users submitted through

What happened to the community-submitted feedback from the medalia-run crowdicity?

Will Mozlla ignore and silently discard all the feedback once again?

Is Mozilla trying to discourage actual Firefox users from submitting valuable feedback and instead reallocate all budget in the "politically-correct" pink-washing agenda?

These are serious questions...


Just take heed, CEOs all around the world are being unmasked. Only those brave enough to come forward by themselves, acknowledge their incompetence and resign, are the ones that cause the lesser damage to their organizations.

You are absolutely right, unfortunately. The more advanced users are, the less Mozilla gives щит about their feedback.

They also tend to mindlessly copy features from Chrome in recent updates (and edit the current ones to behave more like in Chrome), which is very concerning as well.


Making moves

I resorted to using a css fix to make FF somewhat usable, but still hate the user interface shoved down our throats by bored, narcissistic web designers. FF should force their staff take UI-101, since they obviously don't know what their users want or need. FF is dying. If I can't fix a major issue with Tab colors (currently unreadable), I'll restore my pc to an earlier date and use version 88 until it's completely dead. I've lost all respect for FF. I pay for their VPN, but it's mediocre and shopping around for a new one.

The fact they decided to both make the new design more space-consuming AND ditch the compact design really tells a lot. At least thanks they didn't remove it completely, just hid it deep in about:config so no regular users will ever find it.