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Twitter/X's Links doesn't Work and also keeps logging me out of my twitter account

Making moves

Since last year, about august or september of 2023, I started to been log out from my twitter account that I often use in my firefox browser.

I can stand a hours sometimes or in other ocassions days without been log out, but ultimatelly happens anyway. It happens this way: I can be twitting or liking some tweets or retweetting, and in some point the like or retweet comes back; I push the icon of like, the heart, and inmediatly turns like if I clicked it again to retreat the like... same with retweet. Then, I wait a few seconds and the page automatically refresh and I'm out of my account and I have to log in again.

I used to think was a twitter/X problem, so I asked them... furthermore cause after this happens 10-12 times, twitter blocks my account and forces me to change my password. I can use even 3 passwords for month.

This week a problem was added: if I clicked in a twitter or x link of a tweet, I didn't have any problem to enter to that tweet... the same if I opened a perfil of twitter in a new tab. But since last week, without did anything special in my PC or firefox, now everytime I clic on a tweet link, the link opens but after 1-2 seconds brings me to the twitter homepage; The same if I opened a perfil or anything from twitter in a new tab.

I use some extensions, mostly for twitch: BetterTTV; 7TV; adblock, adblock plus and adblock ultimate; adblock for youtube; my antivirus extension (total 360, internet protection 360); and the last extension is SVG gobbler.

Since last week I did proves in chrome, and there doesn't happens any of this so far.

So, I would like to recieve some help cause the extensions, more betterttv and 7tv, are funtdamental to have a good experience in twitch and kick chats that is where I pass most of my time. And I obviously don't want to use any other browser than firefox that is my favourite browser since I was 15-16 (I'm 35 now).

Please, help me.


Making moves

It is Twitter/x. It does it for all browsers now. They're po'd at users who deleted the app in protest but still have friends sending them links. I'm not sure if the force a redirect to homepage for all web links, if it's only for mobile devices, or  if it's only for VPN users. No matter what, likely they want to force us to use the app to keep scraping data and to serve ads without as lockers in the way

Making moves

Clarifying my answer - specifically the homepage redirect part of your issue is intentional by Twitter.


I do not know about the other issues you are experiencing but that sounds very similar to the API restrictions they were doing previously. Def not guaranteed to be the cause


After most URLs changed to, there was a tracking protection block that broke various functions on Twitter. This should have been fixed by a silent update to the blocking files, but as a test, you can turn off tracking protection on Twitter/X by clicking the shield icon at the left end of the address bar and then clicking the slider switch on the drop-down panel to stop blocking. This affects both script blocking and cross-site cookie blocking. If that allows staying logged in, perhaps another update to the blocking files will be needed.

Otherwise, maybe one of your ad blockers is irritating the X people.