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Bookmark name is unexpectedly saved despite not clicking on Save

Making moves

Today I tried to add an already bookmarked page to bookmarks by pressing Ctrl-D (didn't pay attention to the star button being already active) and accidentally typed something in the name field as it's focused by default. This updated the bookmark's name despite that I didn't even save it. I think this behavior is counter-intuitive and may be a bug. It's especially annoying because there is not way to restore the default bookmark name inherited from page title.

Steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. Open a bookmarked page
  2. Click on Edit bookmark or press Ctrl-D
  3. Type something into the Name field
  4. Close the dialog by hitting Escape or by clicking outside it


I see what you mean. Esc closes the panel, but the change is recorded anyway. I agree that it would be better not to save unless you click Save.

If you realize immediately before pressing Esc, you can Ctrl+Z to undo the change, but most people probably would not think of that. 

Should we consider it a bug? In that case, you can file a new bug at