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Trend Micro

Making moves

This is a private opinion.  Australian Trend Mirco(TM) users have been waiting since October, 2021 for the completion of testing of a suitable way to allow their TM Toolbar to operate successfully since the change in Firefox that closed off the option being used by TM to allow their ToolBar and some very useful extensions operate within the best browser there is.  We lost our use of this feature in October 2021 and are still waiting for a fix!

Together TM and Firefox made an ideal independent but great pair of computer and mobile tools.  As a single user this lethargy by either or both suppliers means I cannot and will not make any representations as to the excellent products either Firefox or TM is. Now was, in my view.

Simply allowing us to migrate back to the other browsers, or harvesters of our data, by your lethargy or whatever stands in the way of a cooperative solution between both companies is outstanding disregard for your clients and users.  One that devalues your otherwise excellent records.