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Translation button out of place

Making moves

A feedback from my side about the new translation feature.

It's about the fly-out/pop-out button on the right side, which allows you to translate web pages.

I have to admit that it is a nice idea, but this button is completely out of place there. On the right side are 99% of the scrollbars of the web pages. Therefore, when clicking on this scrollbar, this new button constantly collides with the scrollbar of the web page.

For example, your button on Spotify is located above the scrollbar of the web page, which makes it impossible to click specifically in this area without catching this button.

Maybe you should think about placing this button somewhere else, where it doesn't interfere. 😉


Making moves

PS: After several reloads, I was able to write this post. The new translation button got caught here in the post text button and blocked any posting of the post, which the forum recognized this button as HTML code. There should be urgently improved. The button was visible twice. Once right in the scroll area and at the same time here in the text box.

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