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new implementations for Thunderbird

Making moves

Good morning to all thunderbirds!!!
1 - I would really like to have a recurring billing system in thnuderbird in order to automate the sending of invoices.
This financial control must have a very simplified screen where we can control who has already paid or not. On the invoice pattern we could place the logo, the definition of the service and payment qrcode that would never change depending on the service. It would be a fantastic implementation!!!
Here in Brazil I use MERCADOPAGO!
To collaborate with this vision, it would be interesting to take advantage of the events feature to have another tab and create a financial section where I will describe the service (service..., price..., attachment..., qrcode..., and so on). against.
And in the inbox we would have 3 columns: tasks, events, financial
2 - A chat system that could be integrated into a website through an embed. This way I could concentrate all the service on Thunderbird. That would be fantastic.
Imagine a wordpress site where I can put a thunderbird plugin that connects with the support chat.
Even customers could use this service.
3 - Work on the tool's potential to become a complete CRM where the service history is displayed in the side column whenever a customer's email is opened, that is, the email of an already registered customer appears in the inbox, clicking on it opens the side column on the right with the service history. This would be great for remembering the previous questions.
4 - Finally, have a backup button for Linux, which is my case, to save the settings.

We are together and mixed!!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for sharing these ideas! Per the Ideas Guidelines, be sure to submit the ideas individually so they each get the proper attention.

Here's some more info on How to Submit a Great Idea in Five Easy Steps 

Hope this helps 😀