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Thunderbird windows frozen

Making moves

For a few weeks now, any new email started, that new window is frozen, can't be moved.

I can type, edit, send the email etc. Just not move the window.

The main window, opening a received email, and it seems all other situations, those windows can be moved in the normal way.


Also, while i'm a big fan of Thunderbird, i am not a fan of the redesign. Unnecessary. Don't need any bells n whistles, don't want animations, fun colors, calendar, 'today', nothing. Just want good basic smoothly working email with good security and ability to keep it basic.

On a Macbook Pro with latest updates of everything.



Making moves

Immediate update, just discovered: i can move the window around. But the cursor must be at the top of the window, with the tiny double arrow showing, for it to move the entire window around.

Normally, of course, that double arrow means you can extend the window vertically. Not in this single case.