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Thunderbird Update

Making moves

Since updating Thunderbird it has turned into an out-and-out catastrophe! All of my/our address books disappeared completely into the ether. My husband's two email accounts, (business, personal), disappeared into the ether and cannot be reestablished in Thunderbird. About one third of the internet links I've used connected to emails now show Error 403 every time I try to reach them and I get nowhere in correcting these problems.  Thunderbird is supposed to be convenient to use. As it is, everytime we need to check some of the email servers, it is a song-and-dance. Can we have our old Thunderbird back, please!!!!

Please understand, we are not technically talented. We are of an older generation but not dumb. We just need things simple as we did not grow up with this c---.


Making moves

I WANT MY OLD VERSION BACK TOO! The other version was working seamlessly and now I am spending way too much time suffering with this update. Please roll it back or do something! Too much time and I have to hunt for my incoming and then it takes forever to recognize that it's been read and sometimes it just sits and stalls!