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Thunderbird the most buggy it's been since Mozilla started "Improving it"

Making moves

Thunderbird has been a wonderful email client that has had almost no bugs in years for me on Windows and from around Ubuntu from around 18.04. 

Recently Mozilla has started 'working' on this project again which has lead to very bleeding edge builds installing on our machines. Things randomly break almost daily and in the last 6 months it's come to a head where we are officially jumping ship. 

To be clear we've used several package managers and channels and found no improvements. It's equally bad everywhere.

Our small team have stopped using Thunderbird because it's broken more often than not and we find ourselves constantly using web-mail rather than brave the constant Thunderbird bugs. Even though we manage multiple email accounts it's less painful to login everywhere than dealing with another Thunderbird bug.

We appreciate that Mozilla is looking for contributions but it's been the worst time to ask for contributions and run aggressive campaigns after Mozilla devs'  'efforts' has mostly made the product less usable not more. 

I'd state clearly that any team that uses their users as guinea pigs will find them running for the fences.  
The product needs to be stable or we'd prefer the old version Mozilla devs like to call broken over any 'improvements'.

If you pick up stability we consider contributions. But in the mean time we'll keep projects watered that are are out of beta not entering beta freshly.