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Thunderbird mark message as read on delay marks it as read immediately upon opening

Making moves

I have never seen this feature work correctly. I set it to mark messages as read after displaying for 10 seconds. Unfortunately, it marks it immediately after being displayed. I have tried changing this setting back and forth, closing and restarting the app, but this setting appears to not work for me. I just upgraded to TB 115.2 and this is still an issue.




Making moves

I also have this happen. I started using Thunderbird around version 78, and it's always been like this. I can indeed confirm that all messages in all folders and mailboxes are marked read instantly upon being opened instead of after my setting 10 seconds.

(also not to go all "mini mod" on my literal first post, but i think this may be in the wrong forum. I'll see if i can find a thread about the same problem in the actual TB support forum, if not, I'll make one)

Making moves

I can't speak for the other person, but I'm not using any add-ons of any sort (other than a theme), and no antivirus with any real time scanning of any sort either.

Also worth noting that I did post in the support forum:

I have used multiple computers and used and not used add-on antivirus software. This has always been an issue, even in the current software.