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Thunderbird Layout

Making moves

There have been afew adverse comments of the latest layout.  My complaint is that the 'panes' for e-mails can longer be adjusted, nor others, that there is only about an inch (or a few cms) of space to read the message.  Please give back some flexibility! 


Making moves

Bonjour, la mise en page au passage à Supernova est catastrophique !!! les "volets" de visualisation des e-mails ne peuvent plus être ajustés, y compris certains autres, la barre pour agrandir la vue des messages s'arrête à environ 5/6 centimètres du haut alors qu’auparavant elle allait jusqu’à 2 centimètres du haut. Du coup l'entête du message comprenant l'expéditeur, le destinataire, le titre du message entre autres choses est immense et aucun moyen de le diminuer ! Avec ça et la barre de réglage du haut qui s'arrête à 5/6 cm la vue des messages devient acrobatique....cela est arrivé avec la nouvelle version lors du passage de 102.15.1 à 115 !-(   Pourriez vous arriver à un affichage correct ou au moins donner la possibilité de réglage plus souple ? dans le cas ou cela n'est pas possible je pense revenir à la version 102.15.1 sans aucuns regrets 8-)...

Hello, the layout when switching to Supernova is catastrophic!!! the "panes" for viewing e-mails can no longer be adjusted, including some others, the bar to enlarge the view of messages stops at around 5/6 centimeters from the top whereas previously it went up to 2 centimeters from the top. As a result, the header of the message including the sender, the recipient, the title of the message among other things is huge and there is no way to reduce it! With that and the top adjustment bar which stops at 5/6 cm the view of the messages becomes acrobatic....this happened with the new version when going from 102.15.1 to 115 !-(   Could you happen to a correct display or at least to give the possibility of more flexible adjustment? in the case where this is not possible I think to return to version 102.15.1 without any regrets 8-)...

Making moves

My email pane looks like a magazine headline. The bold dark black fonts and the bold bright blue subjects are awful. Then there is this long empty space and the date and time are jammed into the right side of the panel. Hey guys, we don't need heavy fonts over the top of bright white backgrounds. We aren't thumbing through a magazine, we are reading emails. I can't figure out where to add the items I want such as sort by attachments, sender etc. If I want to do a block delete of an advertiser's emails, I have to go through by hand to find each email. 

Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team

My complaint is that the 'panes' for e-mails can longer be adjusted, nor others, that there is only about an inch (or a few cms) of space to read the message.  Please give back some flexibility! 

You will be happy to know (and I am too) that we have a fix for this currently in beta via  I am optimistic that we will be able to provide it in a future update of 115.

Wayne, Community Manager, Thunderbird

Making moves

Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!  I'm surprised that the problem has gone this far......or, that it was ever necessary in the first place.  The quicker it gets PROPERLY fixed, the better!  IMO, the less superfluous material, the better.  If some need all that extraneous info, put a click-box in the toolbox so that it can be accessed.  Otherwise shouldn't a clean look be the default standard???

Making moves

The layout since Supernova is not for the user  65% of the height is NOT used for email content.  I measured and I am posting a screen capture of the height colume!  The inbox list cannot be shrunk.  The header info field is unexplainably tall.  Many, more than half, email have images and I have to scroll up and down to try to see the entire image and cannot see them as a whole. 

Before Supernova there was a Compact Header extension that was fantastic.  Look at its function and implement that.



If you'd like to try Compact Headers and take a look Still No 'Fix' on the Message List Pane