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New Quick Filter is almost unusable in Thunderbird

Making moves

I am not a fan of the updates to Quickfilter in Thunderbird. In the past the Quickfilter would start at the most recent message and work backwards. This allowed me to easily choose the message I was looking for which was typically the most recent one, while it continued to work backwards. Also I believe there was a stop button which would stop the search and I could select from the found results. Neither exist now. Yes I know I can do an advanced search but the whole value of the Quickfilter was that it was...quick!  Can we please roll it back to the old way?


Making moves

Agree, the new behavior renders it almost impossible to use... You have to wait until most of the search is done, otherwise you will end up clicking other messages. This is everything but "quick" and really annoying. Please, please, please restore the old behavior!