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Can I reformat appointment display to display more of the content?

Making moves

In Thunderbird 115.4.1 (64-bit)  when I open an appointment from the calendar view, the 'Description' section is 5 lines high, and expanding the window does not increase the height of the Description.

I have to scroll through a lot of text to review the meeting details or to find the URL beside the "Click here to join the meeting" label.

I believe earlier versions would expand this text panel when the window is resized.  I can't find any obvious formatting or customization feature for this, am I missing something?

Not calling it a bug as the URL can be found, it's just annoying to search thru the text content with only 5 lines visible.



Making moves

Yes! Hand motion and eye fatigue is maximized nowadays. Used to be minimized. Coders see from the inside. Users from the outside. Coders overlook the pain they inflict on the users.