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thunderbird extremely slow deleting emails

Making moves

for two years i have been fighting a thunderbird bug. you would think after that long you would have fixed it. when i delete an email it takes up to 5 seconds to delete. the program just freezes during that time. it has to do with the windows virus program not working with thunderbird. 5 or 6 times a day i have to go into windows security and disable real time scan and then it works fine. the problem is windows realtime scan wont stay disabled. is there a work around?


Familiar face

Most ways to disable it would endanger your system.

The best way is getting yourself a real antivirus program.

Making moves

I use bitdefender and and worked fine until the latest update. Now it is unusable. Multiselect to delete just deletes a single message in the selected group, which takes forever, and deleting single messages takes a minimum of 5 sec

Making moves

I have the same problem, using Win11

i wonder if they will ever fix it or if they even care? they keep asking me for a donation but u have been fighting this for years and nothing has been fixed and i cant get a response out of them.