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PLEASE - Keep AI - OUT of Firefox

Making moves

PLEASE, I know it's "Trending", and ALL those Pushing "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) are in a Hurry to have it Infiltrate Every aspect of out lives.... BUT, there's a Reason it's called that.  It's NOT all Good.  Microsoft has Forced AI into ALL of it's Office Updates;  Facebook (Meta) and Many Other Apps are Forcing it into their Updates.  What NOBODY is Looking At, is... HOW is (Their Version) of AI affecting their Products and Users.

In MANY Cases, these Newly Released AI Updates are INTERFERING with the Products/Programs... and NOT in a Good Way.  So, PLEASE Keep AI OUT of Firefox.  Thank You




I'm not involved in AI at Mozilla.

A lot of people have trouble finding features they want to use in Firefox, or understanding how features like Tracking Protection and cookies work. Therefore, I think it would be great if "large language models" could be applied to searching help articles and finding stuff and solving user problems in Firefox, assuming they draw on reliable and up-to-date materials (i.e., not what ChatGPT has learned from 5-year-old Reddit posts). Whether they should step in when you are installing an add-on or performing other security-sensitive or privacy-sensitive tasks -- when you aren't posing a question -- should be up to the user.

As for writing my email messages, no thanks!

Do you think LLM AIs can help with addon development ?

@ikpjr wrote:

Do you think LLM AIs can help with addon development ?

Some time ago, I asked ChatGPT for help converting a manifest v2 extension to manifest v3 and it told me all kinds of wrong stuff:

I'm sure the paid version is smarter, and of course, there are other models.