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Thunderbird Density - Please revert the spacing to Pre-115

Making moves

Dear Thunderbird programmers,
Please revert the "density" spacing to Pre- version 115.  I understand that you probably made the scale smaller for the COMPACT/DEFAULT/RELAXED settings tighter so people could see more of their emails in a single window. I don't think you tested this well before rolling out 115. Here's what someone else wrote, describing the problem quite eloquently:

"I got the update today, and I really don't like the look of the inbox of whichever account I'm viewing. Everything is cramped and close together, it's way too busy and somewhat overwhelming to look at.

Is there a way to change this; to increase the line height or spacing? I'm not looking for a huge difference, the previous version was fine, but this is unpleasant to look at because psychologically it's stressful! I don't want checking my mail to be stressful...."
Thank you