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Thunderbird 115.2.3 horrible layout

Making moves

My Thunderbird-instalations was updated to 115.2.3 the other day. The layout is several steps back, hard to read, small fonts, and unlogic placement of menus and so on.
It's impossible to see how many new mails there are in the new bullet-thing that indicate how many new mails there are.
The fonts are to small
The menu-lines are to small and narrow and unlogic placed.
This design looks like it was made in the mid 1990's from a home-programmer.
I'm sorry, but this is not the way to go.

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I am wondering how long it will take for Mozilla to read the comments and revert back to 102?  Do they even read the comments?  I have not had to respond to comments on an update but this was so bad I had to.  Did they ever listen to the loyal people who use this program and donate to the cause?  I dont know. Anyone?

Making moves

Pandemic, war, climate change... and now Thunderbird has gone to hell. It feels like the end of the world.

I just want to go back to having a readable amount of spacing between items in the email list. I tried to follow the instructions for userChrome.css, but it didnt work for me. This may be the end of a 20 year relationship.

Making moves

Ok Now I checked e mail on TB and its not working at all. No e mails since yesterday afternoon.  Not possible. What the hack is going on. It was working until yesterday afternoon. Now no e mails coming in at all.  HELP!   Please Mozilla go back to get better. 115 is a mess beyond belief. 

i KNOW, the more you use it, the more non-functional it gets, for real!

Sadly, I think there is no help or respect for our positions.
This is a whole NEW program, with what THEY want it to do. 
Like you, I have lost A MASSIVE  AMOUNT  of valuable work.

There is no respect for that.  If there was, we could go back to the old version until we want to chance it.  But Firefox Mozilla SOLD IT TO GOOGLE to have access to more things for them so we are just fodder for their profits.  They didn't spend those millions for nothing!  Firefox caved on their privacy promise!

Please, if any of you KNOW of other versions that would work better, NOT  just a maybe, please let us know!  I wish I was geek, because I need easy, but please keep trying to get our old version RESTORED until this is ready.

Making moves

Its HORRID, As a user with limited sight I had it set up quite nice to read. This new 'UPDATE' has ruined it. The font is horrid the layout all wrong. 

Making moves

i'm happy to see that i'm not the only one that finds HORRIBLE this update!!!

Making moves

Correct. Other forums say the same about TB 115.  Just a suggestion how bout a petition to Mozilla Tb team to scrap this version as the previous version 102 was perfect. You reach a point where you cant improve what was. Much like too much plastic surgery.... at some point you realize you overdid it as you are no longer recognizable and it was a huge mistake. TB was the best e mail program I used it for 15 years.  STOP overhauling what was already great. Scrap this 115 and write a correction to go back.

Firefox Mozilla got sold to Google for a hefty amount!  They are enjoying their profits.

It's not an update!  It's a whole new version, it's not Thunderbird anymore or anything close, and yes, it IS full of glitches!   I can't even find an email I was just working on!  I looked at something else and it totally disappeared!  I hate this new thing.  NOT logical AT ALL!

Making moves

Who let the Gen Xers turn Thunderbird into the Sesame St version, it about made me Puke 🤮when I opened it up. Leave well enough alone and don't change for changes sake, just trying to justify their jobs I figure. It is BAD! BAD!! BAD!!!! Roll back the version immediately.

Making moves

Agreed, the layout is a shocking change, and not very intuitive in finding the new locations/functions.

My biggest pain is the "automatically mark message as read" which when set at immediately, marks the messages in for 1 to 10 seconds. Painful to see the same new message over and over again!!

Making moves

It's indeed not the way to go. I really tried 115 for a few days but it's so less intuitive. So went back to 102 and staying there.

When you rolled back to 102 did you loose any or all of the contents in your folders or addresses etc.

No. But I did make a backup of all of that just in case.
As I recall there was a warning when rolling back but I'm not sure. But no mail or whatever was lost here.

Making moves

There was absolutely no warning prior to upgrade 115. And you cant go back to 102 because it doesn't work, all perimeters were changed in the code.  I too enjoyed TB for 15 years and now well  Im looking for a remedy perhaps with another program. Mozilla killed TB.  Rest in Peace

Firefox Mozilla SOLD it to Google for a hefty amount.  They caved on their privacy promise and are enjoying their profits.

Thanks for the reply 👍

How did you get your old mail back, or did you just lose it all?

Making moves

That is exactly why i do not give them donations, because they'd burn it on useless stuff like this. I wonder who was the one who justified his/her existence by touching the GUI of Thunderbird and instead of giving us users value, caused us damage by wasting time finding our way in the new GUI. Oh, man. Isn't there a fricking Senior to hit on their hand and tell them not to touch the GUI? Or if so, give us the option to keep the old one. Money was burnt for nothing again 😕

It's not Thunderbird anymore, it's a whole new program run by another staff who does their own thing.  It's pretty obvious right now that they don't care!  They would just say Suck it up, Buttercup!   It makes me furious, but I am just a fellow victim.

Making moves

I newly registered only to comment here and support all those who find the new layout terrible.

It does not improve anything, but ruins the user experience by the small ugly font and the ridiculous "density" of the messages. I managed to tweak the font size by searching for a solution on Google and then diving deeply into configurations, but it still looks crammed and messy.

I hope that whoever is in charge of this imploded "supernova" reads the feedback here and comes up with a solution quickly that moves Thunderbird back to the layout that has been working for many years. To change things just for the sake of change is the wrong way to go. In my company, I am the last one to use Thunderbird - everybody else moved to Outlook over the last htree years - and now I am seriously thinking about joining the herd.

Waiting for the fix to be an easy roll back and un doing of whatever they did to upgrade to 115!!!  Suggestion:  just write the code to undo all that you did to turn out a mess of an upgrade.  STOP trying to fix what works perfectly well.  Why hasn't Mozilla posted anything on this forum?  Like they are reading what a failure 115 is and they are working on a fast fix roll back to 102.  I am waiting......

Making moves

Just created an account to come here and also complain.

This new layout sucks, I don't even have any vision problems but I just feel all the text is too small for confort.

Making moves

Also hate that search bar in the top. That is just ugly and out of place. I would rather have the options there like they were before.

Making moves

I agree - this is a horrible direction for TB to take. It REALLY irritates me when a nitwit programmer decides something needs to be freshened up so it looks modern. It's REALLY bad when it is forced down the users throats without anyway to revert to a previous version. I especially hate how Search has been screwed up. Give us back v102. NOW. Old wisdom applies here - If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

SEE, it's all about the $$$$$$     

They write:  Hello Firefox Community! I’m ***, a member of the Firefox Product team. I’m excited to engage with you on Mozilla Connect and learn more about your experiences shopping online on Firefox.

Firefox Mozilla SOLD OUT to Google!  Now they want your info for ADS etc!

Making moves

So far as I'm concerned, it is a very regressive "upgrade".  I cannot read the intro to an email without opening the email in a tab.  And the headers on the tab take up 3/4 of the page in a huge font, so I see the email in a tiny window.  This is unusable.  If not fixed soon, I will abandon Thunderbird -- after 12 years of happiness.  But this upgrade just ruined it for me.


Making moves

Is there an app or something to move to Outlook ? I got 12 accounts and I'd want to take all them and the messages across 

Making moves

I have used T-Bird for 25 years. When this new upgrade hit me I tried to live with it for a few days. No way. I changed over to Evolution. Clean, simple, and it just works.

And to make things worse, there is now no way to export the contacts from T-Bird as a .csv file. I had to copy each contact to evelution, one by one. Mozilla has gotten way to big for their britches.

Making moves

Well thank you for that recommendation.... I will check into Evolution while Thunderbird crashes and burns!

You can export your contacts. Go to the address book, right-mouse click on the address book you would like to export and select export.

Making moves

I agree too! The new design and fonts looks terrible, missing old buttons like receiving Emails. ok now over F5 and Shift-F5. I can't find a way to set the font for the Email list. All in all not a good solution

I have moved over to a different email client called eM Client.  Free version.  It has its faults, but none so serious as Thunderbird's.  The good thing about it is it imported all my folders and old emails without a hitch.  

I would have stayed with Thunderbird in hopes that they'd come to their senses, but with the fact that they cannot go back to the old software without destroying all our settings and records, I think this latest untest version has killed Thunderbird.  (As I tested it further, the new Thunderbird doesn't even keep the settings you enter.  I'd change font size, and next time I opened it, they were back to the old setting.  I simply can't believe they released this version.)


Making moves

Not ONE single reply from Mozilla , says a lot that 



Re-implement spin button for Mark button in unified toolbar

Add account context menu to unified toolbar get messages button

How to restore the pre-Supernova display density ?

I'm feeling better about the new version since i discovered View/Density/Default. The big mistake the T-Bird developers made was to have the new version default to "compact" instead of defaulting to "default" which would have keep the appearance the same between versions. For some crazy reason they chose to show us the new interface by setting the options to horrible values that shocked us.

Thank god, that is an acceptable solution for me at least.

Still, this is something that would have been solved sooner if someone from Mozilla actually answered us.