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How Thunderbird developers can do better and keep (or grow) the user base

Making moves
  1. Avoid shoving updates down our throats. Give us an option (without hacking) to stop the annoying "Download update" message. It is invasive and interferes with workflow.
  2. Make it easier to revert to a prior version.
  3. Before installing an updated version, tell us exactly what has changed. (Reason: Have some consideration for the fact that, for a program that is so essential for so many of us, we develop muscle memory, memory of keystrokes, visual familiarity with the UI, such that we end up using the program without thinking about how to use the program. Instead, we can just think about our work.
  4. Do better QA/UX testing before you roll out a new version. A) See reason above. B) For example, in v115, reduction in line height in the available DENSITY options changed the default to a visually maddening jumble that causes mental strain.
  5. Do something better (I don't know) such that plug-in developers can inform users IN ADVANCE whether a new TB version will be compatible or break the plug-in. As a result of my recurring and bad experiences with installing TB updates, and being forced to perform unscheduled system maintenance to recover compatibility or replace plug-ins, I will no longer assume that TB updates are going to work with my existing plug-ins. I'm going to assume that they won't, and I will test new updates, when and if I should decide to do them, in a sandbox. Wouldn't it be great if you could work out a system with your plug-in partners to frontload this testing instead?
  6. If it works, don't fix it.