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Thunderbird BETA

Making moves

Trying out BETA version. 

1) Thought I'd be able to retain my existing version.  Not so, as the installation seemed to remove it.  I have the old one on my laptop (back-up), so I guess I'm covered.  However, I had to re-build this one - nothing transferred over cleanly until I finally located the import function.  That did import my calendar and Address Book very nicely. 

2) Emails that are going to Spam/Junk: Found one that I'd sent to myself with some tech info I wanted to save.  Could not get it out of that folder.  There was no "Not Junk" button, but right-clicking and choosing "Mark as Not Junk", I should have been able to achieve the same result of getting into the Inbox.  Not so.  It kept coming back to the Junk folder.  (I copied it to another folder, but it was still annoying and not right.  The prior T-bird version worked fine for managing these email that didn't belong in Junk.)