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Thunderbird archive and trash icon logic?

Making moves
I'm wondering about the logic behind what folders get assigned the Trash or Archive icons in unified folders.
My setup - i have a couple IMAP accounts with, and something somewhere is removing any Trash folder messages over a month or so old. I've tried to track it down (one of TBird, iOS Mail, or bluehost) but no luck, so i decided to have all deleted messages moved to Archives instead, which I can setup on both clients and seems to work. I still have a "Trash" folder but it's no longer used. I'm using Unified folder layout mainly to group things together. WHat I see is this:
  • Archives unified group - the folders (named "Archives") for those bluehost IMAP accounts show up here with Trash icons, while the 2 other gmail accounts I have show up here with Archive icons.
  • Trash unified group - all 4 accounts have Trash icons, and the ones for the bluehost IMAP accounts point to the "Archives" folders, the same folders as in Archives unified group.
  • Account folder listing - below the unified groupings, I have the IMAP accounts with all their other folders. For both bluehost IMAP accounts, the folder named "Trash" is shown here with a Trash icon. As noted above these folders are not used.
I guess since i'm using the Archives folders in the bluehost IMAP accounts for trash, they get trash icons in the Archives unified groups? Does that make the most sense?