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Firefox cannot drag and drop links to open new tabs

Making moves

Firefox cannot drag and drop links to open new tabs and select text for search.

This is a very useful feature, multiple computers have failed. I hope the engineer can help me take a look. Thank you. Suspected to be caused by the Add-on Manager.


Making moves

I have the same issue here. And if I use an add-on with this feature (tried Hyper Drag and Glitter Drag), drag and drop works but will open two same tabs a time.😓

I temporarily use the ’Quick Drag we' plugin instead. I have the same problem as you. My solution is to turn off the "Allow Dragging" option in the 'Add-on Manager', so that only one page can be opened. Overall, the the problem may be caused by the upgrade.

This serves as an almost perfect temporary solution here, thanks! Lucky for me to find your post😀 Hope this bug will be fixed soon.

Making moves

I had the same problem, this function is very efficient, I like it very much, but now it doesn't work, I can't solve it, sad.

Making moves

Same problem. Chrome doesn't have such a feature, I hope Firefox is not making itself similar to Chrome.

Making moves

Umm, I just tried to 'drag a link' to open a new tab and it worked fine for me? Windows 10, Firefox 117.0.