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thunderbird freezes when moving emails from inbox to an archive in gmail-mailbox

Making moves

I have >11000 emails in my gmail account (more than 10 years), and started moving them to an archive mail folder in Thunderbird (named 2012, a subfolder of 'archiv'). when moving more than 1 month of emails (>80 mails) the program thunderbird freezes and does not react. How could this be?

Maybe there is an online syncing, and all movements from Thunderbird are mirrored in the google-mailbox online. When I have slow internet in the library this process is slow, and takes time. Maybe there is no update-message somewhere and I don't know that Thunderbird is doing in the background.

What should I do? moving emails from my inbox to an archive-mailbox on steps of 30 emails is quite time consuming when there are <10000 emails in my mailbox.