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Thunderbird 115.3.1 - email lists useless

Making moves

It's great someone put in a lot of effort to build a more detailed address list function. However, the work was wasted, because there is no way I'm going to type in all that detail. It needs to self-populate as much as possible, minimizing the effort of the user. I can't select email address from known senders. Names attached to those email addresses could automatically populate at least some of the fields in the addressee form. But no, we have to type in every letter individually, clicking on every textbox individually.

I can't even copy information from an existing address book to a new one. I find it valuable to divide lists into subgroups who are more relevant to a message I may want to send.

Taking away features we once had? Why? This isn't a bug, this is a deliberate choice. You made a feature harder to use, thumbing your nose at loyal supporters.

Screw that.