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Thunderbird 115.2 massively lagging on Windows 11

Making moves


I noticed a massive issue after updating TB to 115.2 on my Win11 PC. TB slows the whole system down right to be unusable. A simple mouse click takes up to 1s to have any effect. When TB is closed Windows behaves normal again. I narrowed it down to my two Outlook addresses. After I had to remove them, because of the update breaking somehow my access, the system was quick again.

Luckily you can't simply revert back to an older, i.e. working, release. So now I can choose between speed and reading mails. Wow.


Making moves

Same problem.
Fresh install with new profile: With only one mail account, TB slows down extremly. The preview pane holds the content of deleted mails for 1-2 seconds. I'd downgraded to 112 and it's running again.