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Thunderbird 115.2.0 – display size is problematic

Making moves

Hello community,

I updated Thunderbird to version 115.2.0 today (I was previously on version 102, I don’t remember exactly which sub-version).

I’m very happy with everything except… There is a big size problem on my screen.

I’m using a high resolution screen (laptop Framework 12) and please have a look on my screeshot to understand my problematic.

What I already did:

  • "compact" display
  • zoom minimum
  • police size minimum (9)

Do you have other tricks to make it better ? Normally I can see my folders clearly, I can read email subjects, and also have a nice display of the email on the right side of my screen.

Now it’s not anymore possible.

I encounter the same problem with the calendar (a feature that I use a lot): I can’t anymore see the 7 days of the current week on the display. It’s like very oversized compared to what I need to read.


Making moves

If that was the only problem! 

The Sent folder is empty and I cant import it from a backupo as they have revised the Profile so they are no longer compatible. This is ridiculous!

Making moves

I had the same problem. Deinstalling the Thunderbird app from the application folder and reinstalling it solved the problem.