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thunderbird 115.0 update

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Dear Mozila, this is a failure...
Today is October 9, 2023, Monday, I came to work and saw the updated version of Mozilla Thunderbird (115.0 Supernova).
I would call this version not "Supernova" but “Not responding”... Since this is now the most common thing I see when looking at my Thunderbird client.
It is impossible to use the "quick filter" function. The program freezes for several minutes (sometimes it JUST HANGS FOR UP TO 10 MINUTES). And in general, the client’s work became terribly slow. It would be better if you didn't update anything. The interface may have improved, but it has become impossible to work in your program. I will delete it if there are no corresponding fixes in the near future.


Making moves

I love Thunderbird very much, but due to errors in the latest version, it constantly crashes and I cannot work efficiently. I hope they fix the problems in the version as soon as possible.

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I was having a similar problem (not at first but then suddenly it was very slow 3-5 minutes sometimes).  I found there was 1 add-on Extension (the Outlook Address Book Add-On) that was causing all of it).  I disabled that one and Thunderbird is back to it's speedy self. 

I have NO extensions and I have this constant "Not Responding" problem.  I have it both on Windows and on my Mac (it seems slightly worse on the mac?).  I'm going to have to give up on Thunderbird if this isn't fixed ASAP.  


The same issue in 115.4.2 (64-bit). No extensions. W10.

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Confirm having the same problems.

Thunderbird Release Notes Version 115.4.1


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I really like Thunderbird and using it for years. At the moment I'm wasting hours of my time, to understand how to return to the setup I had before the update. It's really frustrating. Any ideas how to have text wrapped in new messages according to current message window size? Why it is default in update version to have text invisible out of message windows bounds? Which developer prefers to have that kind of setup? 

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very disappointed in 115.4.1 > it must be written in uncompiled BASIC.   Will go back to version before 115 or switch to different Program.   

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TB 115.5.1 (64 bits) on Ubuntu, i have about the same issue : after about 1 to 3 minutes of use, TB freezes.
ubuntu asks "kill it" or "wait" (french UI)
I generally have to kill it, but it happens sometime that "Wait" enables me to click on some mail and a minute later TB displays this mail content. So it could be that it is not completely hanged, but some other time i have no visible mouse pointer at all and have no other choice than kill it.
FYI I have a dozen of mail accounts and about 55Go mail profiles
Issue arose at the very begining of december 23.
htop shows thunderbird uses around 100 tasks but none using more than 0% CPU

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Just got the latest version 115.6.0 and hoped the hanging problem was fixed. But not. My wife got crazy after writing a long letter and TB suddenly stopped working.
I have used TB for many years and never had any problems so way did you have to change it? Please fix this ASAP so my wife talks to me again. Merry Christmas.


I agree it's not fixed, I understood how it works in 114 version and now in 115. You need to expand your message window to the size where complete "To:" line is visible (Cc, Bc  and >>). Then it works.

It always hangs after a while when open on my desktop, in use or not.
Windows 10.

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I'm using 102.15.1 (64) and many things have gone wrong here.  First my addresses are not correct, some are gone and all left has everything correct except all EMAIL addresses are GONE???

I get about 200+ emails a day and block delete and 102.... works deleting 30 lines in 2 sec.   v.115 took 40 seconds for 30 lines.   (Way too long,)  Looks like un-compiled Basic to me.  had great difficulty going back to 102.    but will stay here till 115 is fixed.  Hope I can keep my addresses when fixed???

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same problem.