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Thunderbird 102.13.0

Making moves

I have just updated to ver. 102.13.0 and some of my email are completely mixed up. When viewing for example such an email thunderbird is showing info that is completely related to some other email. I checked on my webhost provider webmail and emails there are OK but when I view an email in thunderbird there is something completely different and related to other email. Thunderbird is pooling wrong info. Any suggestion


Making moves

Exactly what is happening to me and my four sites using thunderbirt.  This is more than a security risk - mit is also a major privacy risk especially since we are in health care - I got no response inspite of being a regular supporter.  I have to more to something else this week end.  It takes too long to get a resolution to simple issues.

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Making moves

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Thunderbird version 102.13.0 does not exist. Thunderbird is an open-source email client developed by Mozilla, and its versioning typically follows a format like X.Y.Z, where X represents a major release, Y indicates significant updates or improvements, and Z denotes bug fixes or minor changes. If you're referring to a future release beyond my last update, I can't provide specific information on it. However, you can typically find release notes and updates on the official Thunderbird website or through the Thunderbird application itself by navigating to "Help" > "About Thunderbird." More detail VIsit: rust scripts