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Unable to change my email for Mozilla Connect

Making moves

Steps to reproduce

1. I've saved my new email, the new email being the same one associated to my main Mozilla account, in the Mozilla Connect "Account settings".

2. I verified the new email with the link sent to that email.

3. I try to login with the new email and receive an error, "HTTP Status 401".

Attempted solutions

- Clear Firefox's cache and cookies
- Make sure an existing accounts accidentally created with the new email have been closed.


Screenshot 2023-11-05 at 1.22.32 PM.png


Making moves

Similar for me: After changing the address and saving, the new address is shown under "Current email" but I never get the/a verification email at the new email address, so verification is not possible.

If I logout and login (again with the old/original address) the new address is vanished (and I have to restart, see above).

I will also mention, that a login with the new address (after changing, but without verification!) creates a new account, which prevents changing the address with/in the main account (with the old address) …


Making moves

I have the same problem after logging in. After submitting my email address in the login form, I got an email with the subject "Welcome to Mozilla Connect" and a link in it, which leads to a 401 page like this. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry to hear about this issue! I'll reach to you all via DM to see how we can get this fixed for you.