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Making moves

Suddenly I have THREADS in my emails. I DID NOT WANT THAT!!! Why do IT people think they know better what I want than I do myself. How do I get rid of threads for good?


Making moves

I did not want to either. Did you find a solution?     Some folders show the threads and some don't.

Making moves

But very annoying. I'm busy enough without having to remove something I didn't want. Why not let users turn it ON if they wish?

Making moves

I totally agree with the above ... why the heck make it by default 😕

Making moves

I have looked at the Addons available in regards to Threads but they do not address the fundamental issue of being able to manipulate Threading.
By this I mean you should be able to:
1. Select an email and make it a 'Root' Thread so that subsequent emails in response (be it sent as a reply or received as a response) will treat that email as the beginning of the Thread.
2. Select an email and move it to be threaded to any email with an earlier time stamp.  This could be an email already part of a Thread but it would be a 'branch' of that Thread. Screenshot attached.
3. Unthread an email from a Thread, so that it is a stand alone email, unthreaded and not a Root email, meaning subsequent responses will not be threaded to it.
4, Any other Thread manipulation you can think of, provided 'Threading' is selected as being operational.
Hopefully this would be a functionality in the upcoming release of 'Supernova'
I am going to put this post in the 'Ideas' area. 

Making moves

I agree - threads are a source of considerable frustration. Two comments

- why is the option to view emails as threaded not in the View > Threads section?

- Why is there no option to remove the 'ignore thread' or 'watch thread' tags in the message context menu - I wasted so much time trying to do that, eventually finding I need to press 'W' (should have been obvious I suppose, but not to me). Once it's marked, there should really be a corresponding option to remove the mark.

Having recently been forced to start using Outlook, I remember why I chose Thunderbird - it's delightful for its simplicity and clean presentation. Please keep it that way, and don't be tempted towards an Outlookalike.

Making moves

Threads are driving me mad too. I can't find emails I receive or send because they are not shown in any sensible order such as prefereably, chronical. Instead they are attached to messages I may have sent weeks ago in a Thread. At first I thought they maybe organised by Subject, but even if I change the subject or recipient when sending a message it still disappears into a Thread somewhere. I can't operate an email system that works this way. Some may like it, but Mozilla should have made it an optional feature and defintely should not have rolled it out without notice.

I have written to Mozilla several times about this but don't even get an acknowledgement.

If it's going to stay this way I'm afraid I will have to start looking for another email system. Any suggestions?

Making moves

Each time I create a folder, I have to unthread it and reverse the date order to get it as I want. I wish that I could set that folder creation preference once for all. And as threads has been forced into every folder, we also need a tool to unthread all folders.