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This T-bird action caused 40-fold explosion of spam

Making moves

A few weeks ago I finished reading an email and clicked delete.  That email was the bottom item shown in my new mail list.  As it deleted, the next and out-of-sight email was brought up and Thunderbird displayed it.  Unfortunately, that email was spam and Thunderbird had correctly labeled it as spam.  My email address was then recognized as a live address.  My spam has multiplied from one every 6 or 7 days to 6 or 7 a day!

I would recommend that Thunderbird not automatically step into an email  that it has already identified as spam even if it is next in line.  Step over it or pause.  Whatever method, just require the user to select it if the user thinks it is not spam and wants to review it.


Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team

Your email address was already in trouble before you deleted the message. Because the only way the spam site would know whether you read a mesages is if Thunderbird privacy settings had been changed to trust the spam site.  In other words, you should get a yellow warning banner if an email tried to probe a website.

Wayne, Community Manager, Thunderbird

The message was marked as spam and Thunderbird stepped to it and still opened it.  And, immediately spam multiplied 40 fold.

#1.  The response is a complete cop-out of the issue.

#2.  This functioning did not exist before Supernova.

#3.  Maybe restating will help with understanding.

While having a message active in the content field and seeing a spam message in the inbox field, we used to be able to right click on the spam message in the inbox field and select "spam" and have the message sent to the spam folder WITHOUT Thunderbird then stepping to the next message after the spam message.  In fact, before Supernova, the message we were reading before taking the action to move it to the spam folder did not change the message currently being read and displayed.