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The least secure Browser in exisitance, when it comes to Children that can use your account!

Making moves

Every other browser lets you simply delete: User History, Downloads, Web Pages Visited, Cookies, Site Data & Address Bar History, easily! 

But no, Firefox wants to hang on to some of this, it places these things under there own categories, to separate them, so they are harder to find, and no matter what I have managed to delete, those Address bar suggestions just keep coming!

It's such a joy after clearing everything you can find, for Mozilla to act (probably as they intended) as a form of Child Abuse, and show anyone, who gets access to your home computer (whilst your back is turned), your surfing habits, regardless of age!

It so nice for Firefox's Address bar to remember (no matter how much you try and clear it), whatever you do!

And it is so lovely to make suggestions to an eight year old kid, that they might want to visit a Gay Fetish Website, when they type www.

So a drunken night of clicking on free porn, and thanks Mozilla, you data hogging wh*res!