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Choosing column items and order preferences and keeping them.

Making moves

Greetings 🙂

There is a way to chose which columns to show, and also to place the columns in the order we want them in. This is great. However, there is an issue with this, plus I have a suggestions about it.

When I chose either 'Apply columns to...' or 'Apply current view to...', chose 'Folder and it's children...', then select a different account, I have found that the new 'format' doesn't take (meaning it doesn't get changed doing it that way).

I have to go into each Inbox and manually change these, then they save.

Also, I would dearly love to have these options in the 'Settings' area so as to be able to set them as 'Default'. I get tired of having to do this many times (I have about 20 email addresses that I monitor in separate 'mailboxes).

Thank you and have a Happy Holiday season 🙂

(Edited as I found it didn't work the way I thought it would, apologies)


Making moves

With me the options to apply changes in selected column items or order preferences do not work at all. I tried all, but I have to change columns selected and order manuelly after every update of Thunderbird. Using more than 1.200 folders and several accounts this is very frustrating.  Why are all my changes reset with every update?