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Thank you for finally fixing slow loading pages with v99.0

Making moves

This has been a problem on my desktop for a couple of years and for the last few months it's been a permanent problem.  Links to a new web page would take ~8 seconds of nothing before finally starting to load.  No one could give me any feedback on how to fix this problem.  Used to be that after a couple of days of use, it would fix itself and pages would load instantly, but for at least 6 months, that didn't even work anymore.  However, as of v99.0, pages load instantly again.  Whatever you did, thank you, thank you!


Making moves

It's interesting that your slow loading was fixed--I came here to report that Firefox is pretty slow since I installed the newest version. The browser opened instantly before, now it makes a little fuss before opening. It's not unbearable, but somewhat annoying.

I just leave it running, so don't know if it's slower loading.  Loving the fast-loading pages though!

Making moves

several threads passim on this topic of slow loading - even with V100.

Microsoft edge loads quicker

no improvement

Making moves

yes may be it's website server issue or you PC internet issue well if it resolved then well and good

Making moves

Much slower to load than mail (Microsoft) I check on reboot and its 8/12 seconds before completion) Does it check the whole mail database and reload? -not just check new messages.