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Making moves

I entirely agree with earlier comments about the confused nature of this new version. It may have a snazzy title, but as far as I can see, it's a mess! I'm getting unrelated emails linked together and attributed to the wrong senders. Can we have the old version back, please? This isn't acceptable.


Making moves

With multiple email accounts, it's now a jumbled mess. I used to be able to organize Favorites so all my inboxes were together (i.e. next to each other, not unified), along with spam folders and then my subfolders together. Now, it is separated by email account and, with the exception of the tiny icon, no way to differentiate them. I don't trust unified folder view as it used to crash on me all the time using that. At least let us organize/sort/reorder Favorites. Everything just blends and it is much harder to navigate to where I want to be.

Making moves

It seems that Supernova don't recognize smpts or imap servers: i.e. don't connects 

Making moves

First it is important to recognize how much time and effort went into creating this new version. Having been a developer myself, I am trying very hard not to vent my true feelings about this new release. But the name says it all: Supernova: A star that becomes unstable, explodes, and may completely destroy itself or be reduced to a fraction of its former self. For my purposes, this release adds very little that is worth the disruption it is causing. And the cosmetic changes have just made the product harder to use and read. There is such a thing as too much customization. The joy of Thunderbird all these years has been it's simplicity and ease of use relative to the bloatware from MS, Apple, and others. I will cite ONE example, and leave others to drop more: The new "Easy Density Control" change my inbox from its default density to one that is harder for me to read. I cannot find the "easy" control that is supposed to be in "App Menu" to fix it. A fraction of the same resources could have been spent adding a CREATE FOLDER button to the [message] MOVE function, which would be incredibly helpful for organizing messages. How about adding AI text processing to assist with the search for misplaced messages?

Making moves

Yes, the name seems to say it all, an exploding star that devours all life. From a technical point of view I don't have any of the problems described here, but the graphics, the graphical structure is totally botched, everything about it. I absolutely hate it. And I've been using Thunderbird for decades now. Now there's too much in it to switch simply to something else.

Making moves

Indeed, and in addition it's unresponsive.  A simple "Delete" takes over 2 seconds.  Quite inexcusable and leads to inadvertently removing subsequent messages when I hit that button while waiting.