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Submit Feedback & Ideas for Hubs right here on Mozilla Connect


Hubs provides a place for people to quickly create virtual worlds, connect online from anywhere, share content and co-create spaces together. Individuals can now harness the power of Hubs Cloud without needing any developer or technical background. Check us out at

Hello, Mozilla Connect community! 

We’ve all been there - had a great idea for an improvement to Hubs, and wanted to tell the team to make it a reality. Starting today, feedback for Hubs has a new home, right here on Mozilla Connect! You can submit ideas to be commented on and upvoted by the wider community, helping develop our thoughts and roadmap for the future of Hubs. The Hubs team will be regularly reviewing ideas and sometimes even jumping into threads with responses/questions/updates for our users.

If you find someone else has already posted an idea, add your support by clicking the “thumbs up” button or adding a comment. If you don’t see anything that matches, click ‘Submit an Idea’ and make sure to add the ‘Mozilla Hubs’ product and ‘Hubs’ tag so we see it! Be sure to review the Ideas Guidelines prior to posting.

We’ll be using Mozilla Connect for suggestions related to new features and subscriptions, while GitHub will continue to be used for the open source community and core engine code base. You can also continue to engage with the Hubs community on our Discord server.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 

- The Hubs Team


Familiar face

I'm interested in Hubs but I have no idea how it works or how I could use it. Random idea, but how about a facilitated walkthrough for this community, or some kind of workshop that we could attend for discussing Hubs, Firefox or even Thunderbird? It wouldn't need to be too long, although there could be a lot discussion generated!

If it worked out, it would be amazing to have focus groups hosted by a lead developer like some of the discussions we have already e.g. privacy and security topics, all hosted on one of these Hubs.

Warmly welcome you to attend our community office hours and meetups! Event details are listed in our discord server where you can add them to your calendar. 🙂

Thanks @MattBCool for the invite, that's very kind. I'll sign up and hopefully attend a meetup, as I say I'm new to Hubs but it looks fascinating.

Community Manager
Community Manager

This is a great idea, @s1fly! We've discussed this, so glad to hear it's something the community would be potentially interested in doing.

Familiar face

I would definitely be up for it, even just as a walkthrough.

Making moves

Dear jmonga,

Thank you for reaching out to the Mozilla Connect community and introducing the new feedback platform for Hubs. It's exciting to see the progress being made with Hubs and the opportunity for users to contribute their ideas and suggestions. Here are a few thoughts and suggestions regarding the new feedback process:

  1. Clear instructions: Thank you for providing clear instructions on how users can submit their ideas and engage with the community. It's important to emphasize the need for users to review the Ideas Guidelines before posting to ensure that the feedback remains constructive and aligned with the goals of Hubs.

  2. Encouraging participation: By allowing users to comment, upvote, and engage in discussions around submitted ideas, you're fostering a collaborative environment where the wider community can contribute and shape the future of Hubs. This approach not only gives users a voice but also enables them to feel a sense of ownership and involvement in the development process.

  3. Integration with different platforms: It's great to see that you're utilizing Mozilla Connect for suggestions related to new features and subscriptions, while GitHub continues to be used for the open source community and core engine code base. This allows for a streamlined and organized approach to gathering feedback and managing different aspects of Hubs' development.

  4. Maintaining community engagement: It's important to continue fostering engagement within the Hubs community. Along with the new feedback platform, maintaining an active presence on the Discord server can provide users with an additional avenue for communication and collaboration. Regular updates and responses from the Hubs team can further enhance community participation and build a strong user-developer relationship.

Overall, the new feedback platform on Mozilla Connect demonstrates a commitment to user feedback and involvement in shaping the future of Hubs. By providing clear instructions, encouraging community participation, integrating with different platforms, and maintaining engagement, you're creating an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.

Best of luck with the continued development of Hubs!