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Stop ignoring r/firefox on Reddit

Making moves

You have a community of 165k people who care enough about Firefox to subscribe to the subreddit. And yet this resource is completely unutilized by Mozilla. You don't ask for feedback there, you don't promote community participation, you don't explain your decisions or ask for new ideas. And I don't understand it.

I get that Reddit can be a scary and toxic place especially when you don't "own" the subreddit. And yes, this connect.mozilla platform is pretty nice. But I think Mozilla needs to go where the people are and make them feel part of the project. Go there. Talk to the users directly.

Just to avoid misunderstandings: I don't want Mozilla staff to fight with trolls or toxic users. And I don't want the Reddit hivemind to make the decisions at Mozilla. I just think there is a big community that is waiting to be engaged with and that this engagement would make Firefox better in the long run.