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Sorting order of folders in the download popup

Making moves

Hello fellow Mozillanauts

when I download a file a popup opens that shows me quite well my prefered download location.

My problem now is, that the folders are sorted alphabetically but with upper case folders first and after them the lower case ones.

How can I make Firefox respect my system wide (Linux) sorting settings?


Making moves

I have the same problem.

I am using Firefox ESR (on GNU/Linux Debian 11.3).
The "save as" dialog lists uppercase folders first, for example:

"Anything; Backup; aNewFolder; bb-8"

This Firefox "About" dialog shows "91.10.0esr (64-bits)" as version identifier.
I usualy keep it configured to use "Portuguese (Brazil)" as default language.
Changing the language to "English (United States)" does NOT solve the issue.
I have also tried running it, via terminal, with:

~$ LC_COLLATE=C LC_ALL=C firefox

But it does NOT solve the issue, either.

But, I also have Firefox "Stable" installed in my home folder.
I've downloaded the 'firefox-94.0.2.tar.bz2' package from Mozilla
website, sometime ago, and simply uncompressed it into '~/firefox/'.
When I tested this version, the "save as" dialog sorted the folders
and files as expected (mixing lowercase an uppercase) like:

aNewFolder; Anything; Backup; bb-8

This Firefox currently shows "101.0.1 (64-bit)" as version identifier.
It is configured with "English (US)" as default language.

I am using XFCE, and Thunar as default file manager.
I've already changed the hidden configuration 'misc-case-sensitive',
as described here ''.
But it does not seem to affect the browser's dialog.
AFAIK, any other instance of Thunar respects this setting.

In a quick search, the system's configured 'locale' seemed to
have some importance on the matter.
So here are some info about my system:

~$ locale -a


~$ cat /etc/default/locale
# File generated by update-locale