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Sorry to see you go

Making moves

Been using firefox for years.

As someone that is still on the Windows Insider Program since launch, there is a reason I rolled back to windows 8.1 in the first year of windows 10.  It can be hard to find, but all computers are running a base windows 95 and all other iterations are just UX and GUI upgrades (bloatware) running atop (Like One UI for samsung, or Sense for HTC)

Windows 8.1 was the last time windows came with a KEY and you "BOUGHT" a license for home use.  Windows 10 is free because they steal all the data from your daily use, and sell it to third party data collectors.  And the public is so dumb, they don't catch that in the EULA.  They just click 'OK' and continue setup.

You cant have your data stolen from one of those third party data collectors when they get attacked by ransomware, if your info wasn't there to be stolen.

Windows 10 is a data harvester, which sucks down the resources of your pc.  So you buy a more powerful pc, so they can run heavier data harvesting.  It becomes an endless circle of death, where you are buying more power for someone else's consumption.

Good thing I have a duel boot unit with linux installed.  I guess now when I surf, I have to boot in linux.  Until you kill that off.

I don't use Internet Explorer (I know how to get past microsoft forcing Edge, like they did with Cortana) or google Chrome.  Both are heavy data collectors as well. Safety starts with what you let out, not what you let in.  Windows 8.1 and firefox let out the least.  And unless you know how to stop traffic from leaving your router, it's just easier and safer to run older software.  Mostly due to upgraded systems being so popular (and more targeted)

My intel i3 (10 year old) HP laptop with all my software install on 8.1 runs circles around a new HP i got around here on windows 10, which has been turned on 5-6 times this year.  And this laptop NEVER gets shut off.  NEVER.  It gets rebooted every 2 weeks(ish).

I will continue to use firefox, til it don't work anymore, but now it looks as though I have to either switch to a (data harvesting) password manager, or go thru and copy all my passwords to a flash drive I'll probably loose.



Making moves
they steal all the data from your daily use, and sell it to third party data collectors.

Surely not ANY data that you type on your keyboard, right (as in "keylogger") ?

Afaik it's basically mostly the Edge browser that is a massive data-scraper for 3rd party collectors. That's why I avoid Edge whenever possible (and make sure I manually end its' processes in taskmanager, as they keep sneaking around after you once launch Edge...)

Interesting thing is, I do remember there having been posts on the internet regarding Microsoft's ability to screenshot anything you're viewing on your screens, in Win 10, around the time Win10 released. Even more interestingly, those posts are nowhere to find anymore, nowadays... 😶


I was shocked to find data harvesting is active in Microsoft Word, of all places. YouTube immediately serves up directly related material.

What if you want to write a book or business plan and don't want it stolen? Have to disconnect your computer from the internet, or find an alternative to MS Word?


Big Brother is here, loud and clear.

Making moves

I use Linux and win 7. With win 7 I use Waterfox. So why not take a look at Waterfront and perhaps also Seamonkey. Win 7 Waterfox, Comodo, No script. Never any problem whatsoever.

Do you mean "Waterfox" instead of "Waterfront"?

Making moves


As far as i am concerned, with Windows7, I installed Zorin OS in dual-boot

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