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Some proposals and changes that I would like to see in Firefox

Familiar face

Dear Firefox Developers,

I am writing to suggest some new features for Firefox that I believe could greatly enhance the browsing experience for users.

Firstly, I would like to suggest implementing workspaces, a feature that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Workspaces allow users to group related tabs together in separate workspaces, making it easier to organize and manage their tabs. For example, a user could have one workspace for work-related tabs, another for personal browsing, and a third for social media. This feature is already available in Windows 10/11 with Microsoft Edge, and it would be great to have it in Firefox as well. Workspaces could be represented by an icon on the toolbar or a bar at the bottom of the window, similar to what Gnome 2 and MATE Desktop Environment have.

In addition to workspaces, I would like to suggest adding a split view option to Firefox. Inspired by KDE's Dolphin File Manager, this feature would allow users to view two web pages side-by-side, making it easier to reference multiple sources of information or compare the content of two pages without switching back and forth between tabs. Microsoft Edge is already testing a similar feature, and I believe adding this to Firefox would make it more competitive.

Another feature that I think would be useful is Windows 11's Layouts. With Layouts, users can save and restore groups of windows and tabs, allowing them to quickly switch between different browsing contexts. This feature could be integrated into Firefox's existing tab management system, making it easier for users to save and restore their browsing sessions.

Finally, I would like to suggest a tab dashboard that provides an overview of all open tabs, allowing users to quickly navigate between them. This feature could be accessed via an icon on the toolbar, and would be particularly useful for users with large numbers of open tabs.

Overall, these features could greatly improve the browsing experience for Firefox users, and I believe they are worth considering for future versions of Firefox. Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Firefoxenjoyer

This time I'm more being more appropriate and now I'm kinder.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @FirefoxEnjoyer

This is really good feedback — thanks for sharing! 

If you want to post these in the Ideas section, be sure to follow the Ideas Guidelines - especially:

1. Always search first. 

If a similar idea already exists, you can rally around the idea by adding your vote and joining the discussion. That will help your favorite ideas reach the amount of votes needed to be reviewed by Mozilla. 

For example, a couple of these ideas have already been posted to Connect. Check them out here:

Workspaces à la Opera & Persistant Tab groups/Workspaces 

Split-screen (view two pages at once) 

2. One idea per post.

Be sure to submit your ideas individually so they each get the proper attention from other community members and ultimately the internal teams at Mozilla.

Hope this helps and looking forward to seeing more of your ideas 🙌


Community Manager
Community Manager

Also, some potentially similar ideas to the tab dashboard:

Show currently open tabs in Firefox View 

Gallery view for Open Tabs 

Check them out and feel free to add your input.

Familiar face

Yeah In my head I was thing like this for improvemnts

  • Snap Layouts That Idea came from (Windows 11) but in a way that Firefox can use that
  • Workspaces came also from Operating Systems/Desktop Environments (Gnome 2, MATE) (Ubuntu MATE) (Microsoft Edge) (Windows 10) (Windows 11)
  • Improved Extensions Menu (Google Chrome + All Chrome Based Browsers)
  • Get rid of the Tab Search 
  • Tab Dash Board (Apple Sarifi)
  •  Split View (KDE Neon Dolphin File Manger)

Yeah that may already be post similar to these but again there still really good features Firefox Browser is missing out on and besides I think... everybody has already made their point that these features would be good to add to the Firefox Web Browser. I think if we all joined up ad start brainstroming even harder we could make Firefox Better

@groovecoder @joshg253 @BrightShadow 

Thanks for highlighting these and providing some additional info! I'm not too familiar with "Snap Layouts"...will have to look into that feature to learn more.

Familiar face

Also forgot to tell you this but the image priveiws aren;t working speaking about those Google Chrome. Edge, and Brave have Tab Peeking Previewing cards you can hovwer over your tabs think Windows Taskbar Tabs you over it to see a preview of your apps.

This sounds like theMore tab detail (eg preview/URL) request here on Connect...if I'm understanding correctly.