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Sicherheit Firefox / Security Firefox

Making moves

Hallo, heut erhielt ich auf der Startseite von Firefox folgende Mitteilung, dass Firefox sicherer sei als andere Browser und zwar in folgenden Punkten:

Kopieren ohne Website-Tracking, Hält Seiten davon ab, Daten zu tracken und zu teilen, Tracker Content Blocking, Folgt der Entscheidung von Usern, Websites nicht ihre Daten verkaufen zu lassen.

Jetzt ist meine Frage: Gilt das für Firefox allgemein oder nur für den Privat-Modus oder nur bei VPN?

Vielen Dank!

Hello, today I received the following message on the Firefox homepage that Firefox is safer than other browsers in the following ways: Copy without website tracking, Stops sites from tracking and sharing data, Tracker content blocking, Follows the Users' decision not to let websites sell their data. Now my question is: Does this apply to Firefox in general or only to private mode or only to VPN? Thank you! Kind regards, Fritz König

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Fritz König



Hi Fritz, here's what I think that page was talking about:

(1) Kopieren ohne Website-Tracking (Copy Link Without Site Tracking)

This is a new item on the right-click context menu that appears when you right-click a link or URL. It checks the parameters on the URL and removes ones that it recognizes as being used for tracking. For more information, see:

(in English:

This is game of cat and mouse, and Firefox won't always be up to date with all the tracking services, but it will clean the ones it knows about.

(2) Stop Sites from Tracking and Sharing Data

This refers to the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature. If you look at the settings, you will see that Firefox tends to be stricter in private windows than in non-private windows, but you can increase to the strict level so that Firefox applies the same protections in both regular and private windows. For more information, see:

(or English:

(3) Tracker Content Blocking

Same as #2. Tracking Protection has multiple categories including cross-site (third party) cookies, tracking content (mostly scripts), and blocking known fingerprinting servers.

(4) Websites anweisen, meine Daten nicht zu verkaufen oder weiterzugeben (Tell Websites Not to Sell or Share My Data)

This is a new setting that works with some more responsible websites. It sets the Global Privacy Control flag on your requests. Obviously, "bad" sites can just ignore this flag, so it's more of a convenience in working with good sites than a strong security feature. For more information, see:

(or English:

Some users have reported that sites force them to interact with more dialogs when they enabled this feature. That might be more of a U.S. problem than it would be in the E.U.

Hope this helps.