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Showing page source code is super slow

Making moves

It takes forever for firefox to show the source code of a larger webpage. I usually end up saving the page instead and opening it in a text editor. Additionally trying to show the source code typically tends to freeze the original webpage.

Most of the times I need to find a formatted text in the page. So this is a proxy issue for that. It would be helpful if Firefox could seek formatted text such as H<sub>2</sub>O. That would mean I need the source code less often.



Making moves

Since a few versions, it's the same for me. Not only big websites but also medium ones. Especially the search in the source code is very slow and hangs most of the time.

Making moves

Same here, especially searching the source.

Making moves

Same here. View source has been a slog for many moons now. Was never a problem in years past.

Making moves

Same here 😭.