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Option 'Show search terms instead of URL...' is too obscure in settings

Making moves

Full description: "Show search terms instead of URL on default search engine results page"

In that last couple of release, this feature may or may not be visible and enabled by default.

1) The random/phased rollout is pretty confusing when a person is dealing with multiple machine installs.

2) The default of 'enabled' is less secure, in that you can't be certain the results you're viewing are from the expected source without additional effort.

3) The little one-time popup explainer after you perform a search for the first time is too easily missed or closed. "Got it" should either be the *only* way to dismiss that message, or you should have a splash page describing it when you start the browser after an upgrade.

3) The switch in settings is probably worth having visual aids to make it more plain what enabled and disabled mean. The current wording could probably be simplified a bit as well.

I haven't had a chance to check the default for existing profiles being upgraded, but this will probably be misreported by a bug if suddenly peoples' address bars stop showing a URL for search results.