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Share your feedback about Firefox for Android review prompt


In Google Play Store, we often get comments about app review prompts being a pain points for users. We would like to know more about your experience and how the app review prompts can cause such pain points.

Here are a few questions you can help us to answer:

  • How do you feel about our app review prompts cadence? Is it too often or it's just okay?
  • How is your experience getting the app review prompt? How do you feel about the timing and how it affects your experience using the app?

If you are a Firefox for Android user, please share your feedback!


Making moves

good morning, I have been using Mozilla for many years every time they recommend an update follow and do the update, but lately when I do an update I found that many of the web site I visit with frequency I am not able to go into because with new changes to Mozilla now it does not work with web sites that I visit, like why.....


Making moves

hello, I have many difficulties with firefox app for Android because it doesn't work like the computer. Everything is abbreviated and minimized. I don't find my own plugins and themes. I always use Google for Android because I don't understand how to work Firefox app for Android. Why not reproduce this Firefox app for Android as on the computer?That would be great. Making a tutorial available and accessible in all the main languages: Spanish, French, English, Portuguese for everyone would be the best. Because, actually, Firefox app for Android is superficial. There it is, thanks a french user