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Share your feedback about Firefox for Android review prompt


In Google Play Store, we often get comments about app review prompts being a pain points for users. We would like to know more about your experience and how the app review prompts can cause such pain points.

Here are a few questions you can help us to answer:

  • How do you feel about our app review prompts cadence? Is it too often or it's just okay?
  • How is your experience getting the app review prompt? How do you feel about the timing and how it affects your experience using the app?

If you are a Firefox for Android user, please share your feedback!


Making moves

good morning, I have been using Mozilla for many years every time they recommend an update follow and do the update, but lately when I do an update I found that many of the web site I visit with frequency I am not able to go into because with new changes to Mozilla now it does not work with web sites that I visit, like why.....


Making moves

hello, I have many difficulties with firefox app for Android because it doesn't work like the computer. Everything is abbreviated and minimized. I don't find my own plugins and themes. I always use Google for Android because I don't understand how to work Firefox app for Android. Why not reproduce this Firefox app for Android as on the computer?That would be great. Making a tutorial available and accessible in all the main languages: Spanish, French, English, Portuguese for everyone would be the best. Because, actually, Firefox app for Android is superficial. There it is, thanks a french user

Making moves

The only time that it is acceptable for an app to ask for a review is once, about a week after first install as it gives the user time to evaluate the app.  Even that is borderline one too many times.  If you care about promoting the product, ask on the earlier side before usage drops off.  If you actually care about honest feedback to the app, ask when the usage starts to reduce.

As for reviews, Firefox is extremely lacking. It seemingly lacks card overlay of tabs of other browsers (better than list or grid), lacks logical tab grouping (Brave Browser is a good example of such). It lacks key features like Dynamic Zoom (resizes and reflows page as the user zooms in and out rather than zooming the entire page - Opera browser had a good implementation, not sure if they still do) - leaving such a critical (read: useful) feature to extensions is not acceptable. Firefox on the last major overhaul had broken compatibility with older android Firefox addons that such capably. Cutting other distinguishing features from firefox is also not acceptable. Firefox used to be the only major browser that would queue tabs without opening the browser in the foreground. It was really useful for using with Google's Discover feed (news feed tailored to one's interests). From a power user perspective, android Firefox had been stuck with a UI that I would rate mid 2010's for a long time. The recent overhaul brought it closer to ~2017. It is far from the browser that it could be.

On the desktop side of things, after years of breaking extensions every few minor release versions and then nuking the entirety of UX addons for less capable Manifest addons, I gave up on firefox. For a long time, I was a die-hard Firefox fan. Its addons and adblocker were more capable than Chrome's at the time. During that era, it became clear that Mozilla was focused on the wrong things (fiddling with the UI) and didn't care about user experience - the users were just along for the ride. To see Mozilla for Android following the same patterns of what it did on the desktop years ago is disheartening. I've lost confidence in Mozilla's directive years ago as Mozilla continues to prove that it has lost the plot; present day Mozilla is not the same Mozilla of pre-2010 that was foundational to my early web experience, or perhaps I was too green to the cracks back then.

Making moves

Hey, I am a big fan of Firefox. The prompt is fine, but a simple "Do not ask again" button is missing. ❤️

Making moves

Prompting a user to review the app is a pain point because it shows up suddenly on top of whatever else they were trying to do. I'm not sure why that ever became common place as it is simply intrusive and does not inspire people to review positively. Something like that could be tucked into the hamburger button or somewhere where it's obvious, but doesn't obstruct normal usage. I will almost always review an app as poorly as possible if it prompts me to review it like this, regardless of how much I like it.

Making moves

Any prompts to write a review are extremely annoying.

Stop prompting me or put a config switch so I can turn prompts to review off permanently.

Desktop Firefox on my PinePhone does not bug me in the same way. This is one of the many ways that makes Firefox on the PinePhone so much more pleasant than Firefox on Android. That is ignoring the data slurping that Android does.

Making moves

There should be no prompt. Really, this is a pop-up that gets in the way of using Firefox. I thought we agreed that pop-ups are bad.

Barring that, there should be a "Never ask again" prompt with the same visual weight as the other two buttons.

I really should not be having to make this comment, and the 1 star review that prompted your guys to point me here will stand until that changes.

Making moves

Hi kelimuttu! Thanks for asking! *Any* prompts are too many prompts. When I open Firefox, I want to go to a website, I never ever ever want to be interrupted to go to the app store and lose my train of thought.

(This applies to all apps, not just Firefox. Whenever an app asks me to rate it, it gets one star. Sorry. Asking me to rate is like showing me an ad.)

Thanks again!