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Save As button in the "Page Info" will disappear after Address adjusted for multiple select

Making moves

As the title.

If the "Address" box size were not adjusted. After selecting multiple images, the "Save As" button will appear as anticipated.

But after adjusted the "Address" size which I do a lot, because I want to select multiple images and the address box is very small. The "Save As" button will not show up after multiple images are selected.

Before the 112.0.2, after adjusted the "Address" box, the "Save As" button will appear but squeezed. Now it just went gone.



When I start multi-selecting on the Page Info > Media tab, the address box gets taller (preview goes away), but neither of us seems to have a problem with that.

What is the next step you are taking that causes the problem? Are you changing the column widths in the box, or enlarging the whole Page Info dialog (either horizontally or vertically)?

I saw a screenshot from one user, maybe on Mac OS, where there seemed to be some font problems in a dialog causing things to be misplaced. (Unfortunately, I can't remember whether it was this dialog or a different one; oddly, other dialogs looked normal.) On yours, before the Save As button goes missing, does it already seem to be in a different/larger font than other text in the Page Info dialog?