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Mozilla Connect Weekly Recap: Top-Voted Ideas (11/25-12/2)

Hey all, Happy Friday and welcome to another Weekly Recap here in the Mozilla Connect community! This post will highlight the top 10 most-voted ideas for the previous week (11/25-12/2). While some are ‘new ideas’ and others are already ‘in review’ ...

Jon by Community Manager
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Importing Autofill Data - Tell us what you think!

Hey everyone! I’m Justine, a Product Manager here at Mozilla, and I’m looking to get your thoughts and feelings about importing autofill data from other browsers. We'd love to understand what you're expecting and your level of comfort with these data...

Justine by Employee
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PDF annotations in Firefox 106 - Give us your feedback!

Hello!I'm Romain from the product team. We just launched Firefox 106 that brings annotation capabilities to our pdf reader, built inside Firefox.When pdf forms are not fill-able or when some quick notes are needed on pdf documents, you can now direct...

rtestard by Employee
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Private window changes in Firefox 106 - Give us your feedback!

Hi community!I'm Romain from the product team. We just launched Firefox 106 that includes significant changes to your private windows:Private Windows have always been hidden behind the hamburger menu, making them an advanced user feature. With Firefo...

rtestard by Employee
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FF98 and Google Websites

After this update to version 98, I've had a few instances of not being able to get to any google websites after a tab has been opened awhile.  Google search, Google News or Google Maps brings up a blank page.  If I  load a new tab everything works fi...

danohall by Making moves
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No advertisments

If Firefox continues to try and shove advertisements into updates (or elsewhere) then I will stop using it.

eloavox by Making moves
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Issue connecting with American Express Web site

I have been using Firefox to connect to my account on American Express site for many years, mostly to see my statements online!About one month ago my ability to connect stopped working. I have had many conversations with tech support on  American Exp...

AlHubert by Making moves
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FF98 Big Ugly Yellow Border in Library

Can we change the color, or shrink the border back down, for selected item in the Library?  I'm on a Win 10 pc, and I tried another Win 11 pc, updated FF97 to 98, same thing happened.  Is it intended or a bug?  I can't find anything on Firefox Color ...

clixty by Making moves
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PDF Application Missing In Settings

UPDATE:  I found a solution by searching the threads on these forums, no need for responses or solutions needed on this particular issue.The PDF application is missing in 98.0.  The only option is default download and save the file, then open.  This ...

mh1952 by Making moves
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Find in page at about:addons

Hello. With the considerable amount of addons, it becomes tedious to look through all the page to find the needed ones. To my surprise, I found out not only that Ctrl+F doesn't work as Find in page -- it selects the "Search addons.mozilla.org".I find...

lippiece by Making moves
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