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Roll back to previous Thunderbird from 115.2.3

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Is there a easy way to roll back to the previous Thunderbird from 115.2.3. Does anyone know what version that was?

I appear to be having some glitches on the new Thunderbird. The layout is workable, but I prefer the old version. The old version was more streamlined, I thought.

The main problems I am having is that if I make a e-mail, it some times does not send the e-mail when I press send. It kind of locks up, and I have to close the e-mail and restart a new message. Usually by the second attempt it works, but sometimes it takes 3 tries. I noticed if I go to the e-mail address fields and press enter several times before sending, I had better luck.

Also, searching for and opening attachments does not appear to work perfectly. I had it lock up a couple times on me.


After re-installing version 115.2.3 I restarted my computer, and it appears the issue I was having with sending the e-mail was resolved. It was kind of mysterious, but it appears to be working now.

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Making moves

Think I found out the previous version was 102.15.1. I tried to reinstall it (after backing up my computer). After installing the old version and running Thunderbird it said a newer version modified my files, so I would have to reset all of my accounts. I have 7 e-mail accounts, so that would take forever.

So I re-installed the 115.2.3, and now I am back where I started. So, it appears you can not simply go to a previous version as your files are modified by 115.2.3

After re-installing version 115.2.3 I restarted my computer, and it appears the issue I was having with sending the e-mail was resolved. It was kind of mysterious, but it appears to be working now.

Making moves

PLEASE tell me there is another way to go back. I still have Ver.102.15.0 on my work desktop, but my laptop updated to 115, now I can't do anything. Is there a profile I can copy from my desktop to reinstall on my laptop after I install 102 on it?

Here is where I downloaded the old version. I actually could not find a page that lists all the versions.

You just change the numbers in the link for the version you want.

I know in the past, I could transfer my emails to a new computer using the profiles, but I am not sure what happens now if the e-mails are converted already to V115. Maybe the new computer will also have to be V115? I do not know.

My V115 appears to be working still, but it feels a little sluggish compared to the old version.

I reverted back to 102. A pure nightmare to revert because 115 modifies the profile and you can't open it in 102. This is HORRIBLE. You need to take a backup of your profile saved with 102 otherwise you are screwed.

Excellent work It worked perfectly I really hated that small Icon that replaced the new messages button Also the X for the window closeout was invisible because it was the same color as the top border so you can't see where to click even if you click more to the left to minimize the window it is actually closing it I also added the option not to upgrade anymore 

Hi Yes I know this is a long time back, but I really don't like the newest version (115.11.0) my question is what will happen to my contacts and current emails??, when I go back 1 version, will I loose these as well as my contacts ?

I followed the downgrade directions here:

I found the directions complete, the results better than hoped, and I agreed with the author's assertion that the upgrade to "Supernova" wasted my time. I have not seen any consequence of downgrading to 102. All my Thunderbird configurations returned after downgrading to 102.

After trying 115 Supernova, I now have a new respect for the regular 102 version. Thunderbird 102 is much faster, has no lags, and has a simple interface I already understand, so it does not require the months of learning I foresaw with Supernova.

Thanks. This solution worked.

Thank you so much for sharing this!

I will have to reinstall and rebuild the accounts. At least I use folders on Google so none of my organization or history will be lost. Address book??? Export -> Import???

Making moves

Thunderbird 115 version constantly crashes on Windows 10 and 11 machines. I transferred my data from the previous version to version 115 with Mozbackup. I don't think it's relevant but I wanted to convey it. I can't solve the problem. I reset the settings buttons in troubleshooting mode but it didn't work. It still crashes from time to time. I think there is a profile and application incompatibility. Does anyone have a solution or have information on the subject?

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I'm confused with the 115 version. Cannot be sure which folder I'm looking at am fearing that when I delete a message that it will delete the wrong one. I would like to revert to previous version but it sounds like that would cause more problems, so I don't like to run the new version and will try the version to see if that is more user-friendly.

I was confused and very annoyed with the new version and wanted to revert to the 102 version but I tried google mail and that seemed worse. So I have reluctantly gone back to Thunderbird, the 115 version, and am getting used to it. It seems that the 115 version is good enough for me.

I switched to Apple Mail on my macbook because of my annoyance with the T-bird update. Apple Mail is working well so far.

Making moves

I've also rolled back to 102, as 115 is far from being great. 

I've had no problems in importing my old profile folder from 115 though.  I noted where it was, made a backup copy just in case, uninstalled 115, downloaded and installed 102,  ignored the account setup tab and then used the "import from another email programme" option to import the old profile folder.

This worked well, and Thunderbird is back to working as it did.  Only other thing I did was go into the settings and turn off automatic updates, so the same thing doesn't happen again.

Pity the new version can't be made to look and feel like the old one.  I did try playing around with the settings but there's no obvious way to get it to work as well, even as close to as well, by just doing this.

I could probably deal with 115, except that it is slow and I keep getting "Not Responding." I simply have to wait for it to become active again and respond. That takes quite a while and is annoying when you are trying to read an email or create a new email. I did find the selection to do the mail check for various accounts, but I find the extra steps annoying. I may backup my computer and then try the procedure at

Thunderbird 115 broke many commonly used shortcuts and features. This video covers how to revert Thunderbird back to version 102 and to prevent auto updates in the future All links are available on the written guide: ...

I downgraded to 102. I much prefer the 102 layout. However, the slow response and "not responding" messages still occur with 102. That all started with 115 and the downgrade did not help.

I had that problem for a while. The slow aspects where I had to wait for things to resolve seems to have finally gone away. Not sure when the slow aspect ended, but it seems to be gone and am back to normal with the previous version.

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Making moves

I am on here just to complain. I have used Thunderbird for absolutely years, but the newest version is so bad that I shall have to find another email program. It is soooo slow - it takes ages to load and when it does it doesn't work properly. The latest annoyance is that all my open emails are blank, and can also not be closed. I tried closing it completely with the task manager and reopening it but to no avail. Sadly it has become well-nigh useless. In the light of my email traffic - very high - this is more than inconvenient.

I understand you are just complaining but tbf it sounds like your problem is not related to this latest upgrade It sounds like you have underlying issues with your pc You may need a new pc if it's old and slow or reload TB if that is the only one having the problem This latest upgrade should have no effect on the speed You may have other programs running in the background slowing it down

Not my problem Mike. It's just that the new downgrade to 115.2.3 scrambled the controls and caused me considerable confusion. My MacBook is pretty fast but not an M1.

Making moves

These new versions are completely "**bleep**". Have to do some downgrade and try to deny any updates.

I agree I hate the UI and because of Security I will have to drop the Thunderbird as right now still stuck on v102 because nobody has made any type of hacks to get back the old UI.  So that means I will drop it and go to Outlook it is a sad day when Outlook looks better than Thunderbird! 

Developers just have to keep screwing up with new graphics that take away functionality for ugly user interfaces!  Before Thunderbird was a legitimate email that could be used in a professional environment for work and home now it is trash that I would not let anyone see me use it at work or home!  They just keep effiing up the UI ruining a classic program!