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right click paste suddenly stopped working in outlook email

Making moves

I use to be able to copy paste while using outlook when using FIREFOX.  for some reasons unknown it does not work currently WHY?
What is also true is that I am able to select EDIT top of screen and then paste or copy there only.  But when selecting the subject area within email I should be able to right click copy paste but I currently can not do this.  Does anyone know of how to be able to be correct this issues?  Please



Are you getting the site's shorter custom context menu in place of Firefox's? To override that and get Firefox's menu, hold down the Shift key when right-clicking. Does that allow you to paste?

Also, you could try the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Paste: Ctrl+V (on Mac, Command+V)
  • Paste as plain text: Ctrl+Shift+V (on Mac, Command+Shift+V)